Join visiting artist, Caroline Garrett Hardy for a a one-day workshop using a collage technique. “Painting with Paper” combines the use of easy to learn techniques with the spontaneity of the unexpected germane to collage. She offers a simple-to-follow method for creating representational imagery based upon a photograph.

Participants are encouraged to bring a printed image or photograph of a pet, still life, or person’s face they wish to use as their subject. If you do not have a subject but you are curious to learn how to paint representationally using the paper-collage technique, you should bring your curiosity to class and a willingness to learn. The instructor will offer several options from which you may work. There are always surprises. Learning any technique surrounded by other learners, some experienced and others not, is beneficial. This workshop is appropriate for beginners and long-time artists alike.

*Supply list attached below

*Bring a bag lunch and drink for break

Walker- Mackenzie
Class Schedule
Saturday, June 24, 2023 - 10:00am to 4:00pm