2023 Westobou AIR

Brittany A. Fields

Fields grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri but her academic pursuits led her to Atlanta and New York respectively where she received her BA at Spelman College ’11 and MFA from the New York Academy of Art ‘13. Her work focuses on escapism, world and identity creation, and self-exploration while looking to spirituality, creation myths, fables & folk tales. Her preferred mediums are drawing and printmaking but experimentation with installation and materiality are important growing aspects of her work.

Upcoming Exhibition: February 2024 at Westobou Gallery


About the Artist-in-residence Program

The AIRs program is a collaboration with the Westobou Gallery, located at 1129 Broad St. Via Westobou.org: "Westobou aims to inspire creativity in artistic expression and community advancement. This inspired us to create a year-long Artist in Residence program for artists and creatives in the Augusta area. The Westobou Artist in Residence program awards free studio space to an emerging or mid-career Augusta-based visual artists for one year at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art (GHIA). The program provides a stipend for research, tools and supplies to build a body of work for an exhibition at Westobou Gallery. In collaboration with the GHIA, the artist in residence will teach a year-long workshop series to community members."

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