Welcome to Noahland

1st Floor Gallery
"Welcome to Noahland" is a showcase of abstract art by a local young artist, who is also a GHIA alum. The show is about finding effort and ease. It's about creating something that is interpreted by each viewer. The show highlights that different doesn't mean less. Many of the pieces displayed were created while at GHIA summer camp, which is where Noahland was born. As Noah and the students showed off their work, one piece, the flag, was captivating and transforming. The class was ethnically diverse and the children wanted to create the flag that represented their heritage. As they proudly showed off their work, the children shared "This is China. This is Israel. This is the United States." I got to Noah's and said "This must be Noah's." And a student clamoured, "It's NOAHLAND!"
Noahland is a place where differences and uniqueness are appreciated and celebrated. It's a place where others learn that we are all different but the same and that different doesn't mean less.  We invite you to share your interpretations of the pieces by emailing us at [email protected]
Friday, September 10, 2021 - 6:00pm
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art 506 Telfair St. Augusta, GA 30901