Learn composition skills, lighting, the importance of sense of place, apps to use for post processing,and working within the constraints of an iPhone. Android users welcome.

Session led by Joseph Cyr, a high school language teacher who lives in Tucson, Arizona and is a graduate of Augusta State University and Davidson FIne Arts Magnet School.

"The clarity of light and the sculptural quality of the plants and mountainous quality of the Sonora Desert have instilled in him the habit of always having his iPhone with him when he goes for runs or hikes in the hills and canyons near his home. His iPhone photography has won various awards and has been exhibited in severa; countries."  

Note the image pictured is one of Joseph's amazing iPhone images of the desert.

Session lasts one hour with an extra half hour for questions and feedback.

ZOOM link will be emailed the day before the session.

Class Schedule
Saturday, September 12, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm