2019 Markwalter Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners of the 40th Annual Agnes Markwalter Youth Art Competition!!

Division 1 (K-2 grades):


Merit Award: Trip House - Lake Forest Hills - "America"
Merit Award: Elijah Story - Home school - "I'll Be There"
Merit Award:  Maxine Whitmire - North Columbia Elementary - "Chameleon"
3rd: Kaycee Sims - Heritage Academy- "Crossing the Red Sea"
2nd: Wren Wiggens - C.T. Walker - "My Story My Art"
1st: Anais Ramos - North Columbia Elementary - "Untitled"

Division 2 (3-5 grades):

Merit Award: Makayla Harris - Heritage Academy - "The Colorful Tree"
Merit Award:  Jean Margareth Henderson - C.T. Walker - "Untitled"
3rd: Mia LaPonzina - C.T. Walker - "Untitled"
2nd: Esther Grace Balkcum - Home School - "Paradise"
1st: Kayla Wolf - River Ridge Elementary - "Self-Portrait" 
Division 3 (Middle school, 6-8 grades):


Merit Award: Prisca Hill - C.T. Walker - "Untitled"
Merit Award: Patrick O'Connor - Heritage Academy - "The Basket Women of Ghana" 
Merit Award: Baynham Phail - Westminster- "Glasses In the Breeze"


3rd: Christie Wu - Davidson - "My Life Map in Infographics"
2nd: Abby Wells - Westminster - "Captivity" 
1st: Songting Tang - Davidson - "Thinking Through My Possibilities"


Division 4 (High school, 9-12 grades):


Merit Award: Gabrielle Branch - Lakeside - "Mirror, Mirror"
Merit Award: Shayna Ivey - Westside - "Expression Dramatica"
Merit Award: Christopher Lewis - A.R. Johnson - "Many Faces of Me"
Merit Award: Jaila Petersen - Hephzibah High School - "Untitled"
Merit Award: Abby Prescott - Davidson - "This is Not the Life He Chose"
Merit Award: Meaghan Rich - Westminster - "Imagination"
Merit Award: Me'Kiela Stephens - Burke County High School - "Family Prayers"
Merit Award: Sam Taylor - Lakeside - "Fantasy Castle"
Merit Award: Jayden Tucker - Davidson - "Zayden's Story"
Merit Award: Dontavius Watson - Butler High School - "No Words Needed"
3rd: Elizabeth Mason - A.R. Johnson - "I Am Not Pink"
2nd: Olivia Wahl - Westminster - "Hidden Emotions"
1st: Jillian Hicks - Davidson - "Nat Turner's Legacy"
BEST IN SHOW:   Bethany Rager - Harlem High School - "Noteworthy"  (Above Image)